MX Guarddog

Hello to all current and future Biggerstaff Hosting Clients!

We have noticed there has been a recent increase in spam starting to come through to our servers. A lot of this spam was ‘Chinese marketing’ spam, from various companies in China advertising their products. This kind of spam can be very hard to catch as it doesn’t have many of the markers of normal spam and is often sent from different servers within hosting companies so blacklisting their IP addresses doesn’t help.

We have now signed up with MX Guarddog which stops the spam before it even hits our firewall. We can’t recommend  MX Guarddog enough, it has stopped 100% of our spam since it went live, it even has country blacklisting so we blocked China completely.

We are now offering anti-spam as a service with our hosted email free of charge! for 5 mailboxes if you currently also have a website with us and don’t mind having a link to MX guarddog on your page somewhere. or for as low as $10 for 20 mailboxes (single payment only, no ongoing fees)