We’re on the move!

At Biggerstaff hosting, reliability is one of our main concerns (Keeping clients happy is our primary goal!), so we have decided to shift our production hosting to a more reliable data center in New York. The two main points that you need to know are that your web pages will load much faster and any email you have hosted with us will be even more reliable. We are keeping our southland servers live as a ‘Disaster Recovery” option, should there be any issues with the NY datacenter, your site will fail over to the local server here so your clients will still be able to see your page and email you.

This won’t effect any of our current production sites who have servers at their premises, or being hosted in the data center in Christchurch, this will only effect sites that are not yet live. Also, the migration will be done live after extensive testing, so there should be no outages.