Biggerstaff Hosting is now live in VR!

We try our best to stay ahead of the curve at Biggerstaff Hosting, and we believe Virtual Reality is going to start overtaking 2D media in the next few years.

Although we have always offered 3D virtual world hosting via OpenSim (A clone of the software that runs Second-Life), we found the Oculus/Gear versions of the various second-live viewers were out of date and poorly maintained.

We are happy to announce we now offer VR environment hosting via JanusVR as well as still supporting OpenSim. We have just started building an office in the JanusVR world, so why not come and visit us? All you need is the JanusVR software and a 3D VR Headset such as the oculus rift or Leap Motion.

3D preview of our virtual office
3D preview of our virtual office

The virtual office isn’t finished yet, but if you want to have a look around and see where we’re heading, feel free!

To visit the Biggerstaff Hosting virtual office:

    • Copy (ctrl + c) this address:
    • Open the janusVR Viewer (Download from here if you don’t have it already)
    • Launch the janusVR Viewer and put your VR headset on
    • Press the tab key, and an address bar should appear in the VR world
    • Paste the address you copied above into the bar (ctrl + v) and press enter.

Please contact us via the “contact us” page above, if you are interested in us hosting or designing a VR environment for you.