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Latest News On Biggerstaff Hosting

New Service!

Ever watch a movie or TV show about someone being hacked? It looks so easy for a 'hacker' to log in to someone else's computer and dig around in their files, is it really that easy? For a limited time, we are offering FREE security testing! Talk to us today and we can arrange

Site Shuffle

Hello to all our current and future clients! As you may have noticed, we are having a re-shuffle of our main sites to make it easier for people to find information. We will be overhauling our services page, with new package deals and pricing options and we have removed the index page so all visitors to

Check out our other pages…

The domain has been live for a while now, and the old site a distant memory, so now is a good time to check out some of our other pages at the Biggerstaff Hosting

New Domain

We now have the domain name, meaning you can visit our websites at We're still testing this domain and it should not be considered live yet. You can also email Peter Biggerstaff at - More details will be posted later as we move away from the old

Minor site update

This year has been an interesting one for us, We have on-boarded some new clients, set up some websites and facebook pages for some people and also started offering pages using the Joomla framework rather than just wordpress! We have noticed there were some issues with the email form on the Contact Us page, so

We have moved!

We have finally had our fiber installed at the new premises and have moved the server over. You may have noticed the sites now load much faster than before. We are currently migrating away from virtualbox visualization and are moving to qemu-kvm, which is rapidly becoming the standard for Ubuntu visualization. Once this migration is complete

Infrastructure refresh coming soon

To all our clients and friends; We are slowly upgrading our internal infrastructure ready for a move coming in the next few weeks. There will be a small outage of all services, but our services will be much faster, we will be able to offer more services and we are also implementing a much smoother mail

Second Outage Results

Hi all, The outage yesterday was a success, and we are now able to host more pages and more content. Also, as a side note, our Virtual World EdenSim is now online so check out the EdenSim

What’s happening at Peter Biggerstaff Hosting?

Just a note with a bit of an update as to the going-ons at Peter Biggerstaff Hosting: Our mail and collaboration server is up and running, so gradually we'll be migrating all our contact info to the new addresses. Speaking of addresses we are going to have a new domain name in the near future,